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Hello - We are Frank and Suzy Whitmore. We have been married since April of 1997 but have known each other since we were teenagers.  We were both raised in the county of Santa Barbara, California and have spent most of our lives there. We both attended Trinity Baptist Church and were greatly involved with their choir programs. Our high school choir traveled to all sorts of places throughout the year, ministering to others and spending time in different locations. Each summer we would take a two week choir bus tour either to Canada or Colorado. It was these fun trips that first inspired the two of us to love traveling. Here we are many years later and still traveling in a bus around the country and having the time of our lives. Santa Barbara is a wonderful community with fabulous locations to live, work, and play, but we have decided to see what else the world has to offer. We owned a Family-style Pizzeria for almost 10 years, and decided enough was enough! In 2005, we sold our restaurant, rented out our house in the Santa Ynez Valley, had a very fun farewell party with our friends and family and hit the road to begin our new adventures with our three beautiful parrots. It has now been over ten years since all this happened, and the places we have seen and the people we have met have been well worth it. We are so glad we made the choice we did. We have a wonderful group of friends that we travel and work with and countless memories from so much traveling. We ask ourselves every once in awhile: "Why didn't we do this sooner?" The answer? It's all in the timing!! Everything has worked out so well, and everything has fallen perfectly into place. From the sale of the restaurant in 2005 to deciding to sell our California house in 2008, since we have no further desire to be landlords, to buying our dream piece of property by the beach in Florida on which we might build a house, if we ever decide to settle down and stop traveling, but for now it's the perfect place the park and spend some time with friends in the winter. We hope you enjoy our website and the stories we have to share as much as we do experiencing them. So please, sit back, relax and enjoy as you read about the five of us on our adventures as we travel "The Great Outdoors" and enjoy the country as we live ... ...  ... "The Fun Life"

We have been to all 48 contiguous states of the U.S.A. Canada, Hawaii, and Mexico. Above and below are just a few pictures of our different vacations and excursions that we have taken in the last nine years. People ask us all the time "How much longer do you plan on doing this? Our answer "Until we tire of it" And trust us, neither of us are anywhere near tired of this lifestyle.

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Each year below is a different portion of our traveling Journal. Hope you enjoy!

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