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Sitting outside, enjoying another day with each other and our three precocious parrots. Check back each week to see what we're up to.

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This site is dedicated to promoting the unique lifestyle and adventures of Frank, Suzy, Bradley, Abbey and Cody Whitmore. Frank and Suzy are a young couple that have learned early on in life that there is more to this life than a 40- 80 hour work week at the same location in the same city doing the same thing everyday! There are so many more things in the world to see, explore and experience. Over ten years ago we embarked on a unique adventure that will allow us to travel this great and beautiful country, work in fun and new places every few weeks, spend lots of time with each other, our wonderful parrots, lots of friends and enjoy a much more adventurous, stress free and fun lifestyle. Why else is this country of ours so big if it wasn't intended to explore?

How we got started!

Both of us have always loved to travel and explore new places. We got married in April of 1997 in California and bought a house soon after. A couple years into marriage we bought our first cab over camper and camped with friends as often as possible, and when no one was available to camp with, we would go on our own. We had very busy schedules back in California, where we owned a couple restaurants, so getting more than two days off in a row, more than twice a month was a rare occasion. However, when we did get a bit of free time we would take full advantage of it, go as far as we could and squeeze in as much sightseeing as possible!  In 2004, we decided that with all of our years of hard work, planning and saving that we would do something different. Something that many people (including us up to this point) only talk about doing or wait until they are retired to do. We decided that while we are young, energetic, physically capable, healthy and crazy enough to do so, we would take the plunge and travel around the country living full time in our motorhome. So we sold the restaurants, rented out our house, packed up our 30 foot motorhome, yes we did upgrade from our first cab over camper, and hit the road.
Don't worry, we are responsible adults and didn't forget about employment. We do work a bit to subsidize our adventures, and to give us something to do aside from playing tourist, however our jobs rarely feel like work. Another perk of working a bit, other than keeping us fed and entertained, was the fact that not a penny of our retirement savings have been touched, only added to, so when retirement age comes and if we do want to settle down somewhere, we will be prepared. When our adventure began we looked into all sorts of different work while traveling. We both agreed that we didn't want to work in an RV Park as hosts for months on end seeing the same place day after day, at least not at this point. We both wanted something that would take us to as many states as possible and keep us busy with new things to do and see and with new people to meet in each location. We started out in 2005 working for MainGate, a company that does retail merchandising for the NHRA Drag Races and other big sporting events such as the various Barrett Jackson Car Auction's around the country, NBA All-Stars events, the Indianapolis Colts and other sporting teams along with a few National Rodeos. This way we could travel the country from one event to the next and be able to take in the sights along the way, but most importantly, explore different parts of this great country when time allowed. We worked for MainGate most of 2005 and all of 2006. We thoroughly enjoyed it and met lots of people. We towed the Budweiser NHRA souvenir trailer all of 2006 and sold Budweiser merchandise, things like hats, sweatshirts, t-shirts and memorabilia at all 23 NHRA events of that year and got to know the team owners quite well. In 2007 we traded in the 13,000lb merchandise trailer for our Jeep and took on a new career with a little more added freedom. We still worked for the NHRA circuit, but our job changed. We were part of the Kenny Bernstein race team, which consists of a Top Fuel Dragster - sponsored by Copart Inc, previously sponsored by Budweiser for 30 years, and at one time had a Funny Car sponsored by Monster Energy drink. We ran the hospitality tent at each of the 23 races and entertained the invited guests of the sponsors, which was great. We pretty much hosted a party every other weekend and made sure fun was had by everyone invited and no party crashers were allowed in. During racing's off season, which went from November to February, we would spend our time with friends and family in California.
In 2009, catastrophe hit our family and both Frank and I lost our moms within 17 days of each other over the holiday season. After pulling ourselves together, somewhat, we did go back out on the road with the racing team in 2010 but kept in very close contact with our dads. Realizing that we needed to be closer to them for a bit of time, we left the racing world at the end of 2010 and spent all of 2011 in California helping them put some of the pieces of their lives back together. We are happy to report that everyone sprang back nicely so Frank and I hit the road again in October and headed to Florida where we spent our winters with friends. In fact some of these friends introduced us to our current traveling job, with a great publication called The Good Sam Travel Guide and Campground Directory. It is nicknamed the "bible" of RVing and contains all RV parks within all of North America. We now spend the spring and summers traveling throughout the country, rating RV Parks and getting to know all sorts of campground owners and our winters and autumns traveling this amazing country at whim.
We have been very blessed, over the last eleven years, to do what we have done while we are still young and so glad we made the decision to pack up all our belongings in a traveling house and hit the road so many years ago. We have been so fortunate to work with the company that we do work with, and all the ones in the past. Working less than half the year can't be beat. We've made a great number of friends in the world of RVing, that they are innumerable, and have made traveling even more fun. We literally have friends in all four corners of the U.S. and almost every state in between. Fellow RVers are some of the friendliest and nicest people you will find anywhere. They are so much more relaxed and love to meet all their neighbors, well at least most of them, and if you have a cranky neighbor you can always drive away. We are now starting our 11th year of traveling this country and are still having the time of our lives. Feel free to see all the places we've been and all the things we have done throughout our traveling years by clicking on the Journal link above, we have chronicled everything from day one. Maybe our story will challenge you to take a step towards fulfilling your dream, whatever it may be. This life is short. We are only here for a limited number of years, so make the best of those years. Life passes most people by as they sit around and make grand plans for it! We are living out those grand plans and we plan on living every moment of the rest of our lives the same way.

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